Humanizing MTV with a New Rebrand

In this new rebrand we went deep in the research of human emotions. In every platform were MTV lives a series of invaders, logos, backgrounds and idents with changing moods will guide you through Mood Swing. Come in and see.


Teens are living, breathing and sharing emotions like no other moment in history. The insights that we learn from them are reflected through branding: It’s branding based on emotions.

We connected short form content, idents, editorial posts and brand key elements by creating a colorful palette of emotions that ties all of them. Just as teens experience different states during the day, in Mood Swing our logo might be excited (orange), a background might be sad (blue) and typographies afraid (dark). Every single asset in this design phase has a range of emotions expressed by a specific color.



This phase is about developing a series of graphic elements such as logos, backgrounds, invaders and fonts that helps building the whole branding of the channel, and making amazing visual idents that run on-screen and throughout every social media platform were MTV lives. Some of the idents are purely graphics while other were shot and edited as short form content pieces.

The final global delivery included more than a thousand assets so each region can customize them according to their particular needs such as insights or language.

Surreal Emotion: How do feelings look like inside our minds?
Body Language
Reminder: Facts that can easily change your mood.
Mood Roulette

Some idents are based on story telling and others are useful as communicational tools for the brand content, giving creatives teams around the world a wide range of assets that can be used to solve any of their communication needs. From a TV show promotion, to a band broke-up announcement, this modular rebrand allows them to do it in a cool and empathic way.

Microfeeling: Macro shots, micro feelings.
Mood Phrases
Mood Phrases


Mood Swing works as a closed content package, as well as a resource and tool library that includes;


Key Arts


Emotion Kit
Basically, it´s a library of emotions. A collection of actions, reactions and a variety of expressions, including high-resolution pictures and sounds. Each ethnicity and gender was cover so all regions have access to proper footage if they want to produce their own pieces.


Artist idents
Every month 4 artists from around the world are briefed with one emotion and color to craft with creative freedom one fresh and visual innovative 15 second animation art piece.

Love by Kirsten Lepore
Bored by Andrey Kasay
Energetic by Winona Regan
Horny by Sawako Kabuki



VP Creative: Sean Saylor
Brand Creative Director: Maxi Borrego
Operations & Production Director: Delfina Chiesa
Creative Lead: Fran Casais
Design Lead: Charlx Alemañy
Creative Team: Carlos Mendez, Sol Astolfi
Designers: Nacho Varone, Mili Fiuza
Producer: Camila Gonzalez Navedo


Production Company: Pandora
Director: Leo Adeff
Executive Producer: Merlí Freixas
Producer: Adría Pautiví

Builders Club
Randy Cano
Antoni Tudisco
DIA Studio
Fede Maksimiuk

 SOUND: Father Co.